[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h4″ font_color_type=”” font=”” custom_font_size=”” link=”” link_open=”_self” punchline=”classic product carousel”]Sample 1[/rt_heading]

You can create as many as product showcase carousel like shown below with just a few clicks. There are many layout options and alternatives are available for the carousel module and shortcode. Displaying titles, descriptions and prices has been enabled for the example below.

[product_carousel list_layout=”1/2″ max_item=”2″ nav=”true” dots=”false” autoplay=”false” list_orderby=”date” list_order=”DESC” categories=”” display_titles=”true” display_descriptions=”true” display_price=”true” featured_image_resize=”true” featured_image_max_width=”0″ featured_image_max_height=”0″ featured_image_crop=”false”]